Why Shouldn't You Sit In Jail?

You're under arrest and find yourself waiting in a jail cell. Most people want their freedom as soon as possible, but the costs associated with bail can seem insurmountable. Bail bonds offer an excellent and more affordable alternative, but they also do not come for free. Ultimately, you might feel that waiting for your trial is a more practical and cost-effective solution.

Unfortunately, spending any more time in a cell than necessary can be a costly mistake, even if you're on a tight budget. Over the long run, purchasing a bail bond to obtain your freedom quickly can offer many potential benefits beyond simply enjoying a comfortable night's sleep in your own bed.

The Downsides of Cooling Your Heels

Spending time in a jail cell is never a pleasant experience, but there's more to consider than just your material comforts. One of the critical aspects of being behind bars is that you're cut off from the rest of the world, making it much more challenging to deal with most aspects of your life. More importantly, it may be hard to coordinate with an attorney or other essential contacts.

When you expect a prosecutor to charge you with a crime, there's no time to lose in properly coordinating your defense. Although the police must allow you access to your attorney, you may not have sufficient contact to deal with every issue or provide enough information. Miscommunications or missed information can potentially have a severe impact on your eventual defense and release.

Of course, you'll need to do more than just keep in touch with your lawyer. Employers may only have so much leeway when it comes to arrests. If you find yourself stuck behind bars for a significant amount of time, it may be hard to keep your job. The additional stress of employment problems can make it harder to focus on your legal situation, reducing your chances of a successful defense or reduced sentence.

The Advantages of Getting Out

Bail bonds typically command a premium of about 10%, although this amount can vary between states, and some exceptions may result in higher or lower costs. This relatively low cost buys you more than just your freedom. Making bail allows you to focus on your defense and continue living your life, reducing many potential stress sources that can lead to worse legal outcomes.

Once you're on the outside, you can work more closely with your attorneys while relying on your social network for support and assistance. Staying behind bars places you at an unfair disadvantage compared to the prosecution, so there's no reason to stay locked up when other options are available. Working with a bail bond agent puts you back on even footing so that your defense can stand a fighting chance.