Did You Know Your Bail Could Increase?

Once you have been arraigned and your bail has been set, you might not give any more thought to the idea of your bail. This could be a mistake. In fact, the amount of your bail could increase, which means you may need to pay an additional fee to ensure you are able to secure your freedom.

Do you want to know more about the chances that your bail could increase? Do you want to know what you need to do? This information will help you proceed.

You Are Charged With a More Serious Crime

The charges you face can also change over time. For example, your charge could increase from a misdemeanor to a felony, which means that your bail amount could increase.

In some cases, charges change because circumstances change. An assault charge could lead to a homicide charge if an individual who was injured dies due to the injuries from the alleged assault.

You Are Deemed a Threat

You may be seen as a bigger threat to yourself or others based on your circumstances. For example, you may have to pay more in bail if you are found not to be following the judge's orders. This is part of the reason why it is always a good idea to abide by the conditions of your release.

The Judge Learns About Your History

In some cases, a prior criminal history may not be known at the time of your arraignment. If the judge later learns you were already out on parole or probation, they may increase your bail as a result.

So, What Should You Do?

There is no rule you should follow, but it is almost always advantageous to stay out of jail when possible. When you secure your bond, it is a great way to continue working at your job as well as to work with your lawyer to ensure that you have all the tools you need to bring your case to trial if necessary.

Bail Is Based on Several Factors

The bail amount you pay is based on factors like your past, ties to the community, risk to the public, and more. It is reasonable that you may not be able to pay the entire amount of your bail upfront. This is why so many people rely on bail bond professionals to help them in these cases.

If you are facing an increase in your bail, call a bail bond professional at a company like Steele Boys Bail Bonds. A professional will help you pay that extra amount so that you can continue to enjoy your freedom.