Insight for Searching for the Right Fix-and-Flip Financing

Real estate investing is continually providing great opportunities for investing, whether it is a rental property or a renovation project. The financing that you secure for your real estate project is essential and needs to be convenient and make financial sense, so it is important to look for the right loan. Here are some tips to help you with the process to find a fix-and-flip loan agency to help with your investment property project.

Know Where to Look

As you search for financing for your upcoming property rehab to fix-and-flip it for a profit, there are several places you can look for the loan. There are conventional loans, such as a personal loan or a home equity loan on your personal residence. 

But you can also look for financing that is tied to the property and secured by its value, such as hard money or a fix-and-flip loan. This type of financing is a good way to get the loan you need and have the funds available quickly. Or, you may want to look for a private investor who has money to invest with a good return rate, which is possible with a fix-and-flip project.

Understand the Loan Terms

When you find financing for your fix-and-flip property, make sure you understand all the terms that come along with the loan contract. As you borrow the funds to make the needed repairs on your investment property, you will also need to make payments to the investor or the bank. If you are working with a hard money lender, then each month you will have a payment due (either principal and interest, or just an interest payment). At the end of the term or when you sell the renovated home, you would take the proceeds and apply it to pay off the original loan and any interest accrued. 

You will also need to find out the maximum time you can carry the loan while you complete the home renovation. There are always researched plans to renovate a property and an estimated amount of time in which they will be completed, but this does not always mean that the timing will go according to your original plans. Some renovation projects can become tangled up with extra damage and repairs that must be completed to the home to get it habitable and able to pass inspection, and this can delay the completion date and extend the time in which you will need the loan. Ask the money lender if you can extend the loan terms, if necessary, and what type of costs that would add to the loan. It is always a good idea to be prepared despite your best intentions to make things happen.