3 Things To Do Before Your Spouse Gets Arrested

In many cases, people don't know that they are going to be arrested until it happens. In other cases, though, both the individual who is being arrested and his or her family know what is coming. For example, if your spouse is about to turn himself or herself in for a warrant, you might be feeling incredibly upset about the entire situation. One good thing about knowing that your spouse is going to jail before it actually happens is that you can prepare, though. A few things that you might want to do before your spouse gets arrested are listed here.

1. Make Arrangements for Childcare

Right now, it might be hard for you to take care of your children, if you have any. You might be feeling frightened and stressed out about the situation at hand, so concentrating on child care can be a challenge. Plus, it may be harder for you to take action to help your spouse if you have your kids in tow. If it is an option, you may want to ask a friend, family member, or babysitter to take over child care for you for a few hours.

2. Speak to an Attorney

Although you can hire an attorney after your spouse is arrested, you may find that it's better to do it beforehand. An attorney can advise your husband or wife about what to expect when turning himself or herself in. A good lawyer should have information about the charges that your spouse is facing and what the potential consequences of a conviction might be. The attorney may also be able to help with things like negotiating a lower bond for your loved one. If you are not able to hire an attorney before your spouse is arrested, though, you will want to make sure that you hire one as soon as possible after the arrest.

3. Make Arrangements to Post Bond

It is probably important to you to bring your spouse home from jail as soon as possible. Working with a bail bondsman before your spouse even gets formally arrested can help a lot with this. A bondsman can help you get the necessary paperwork filled out and can meet you at the jail. Then, he or she can hopefully bail your spouse out as soon as possible after his or her arrest.

If your spouse is going to be arrested soon, take action now. The steps above should help you and your spouse out a lot in this bad situation.