3 Reasons You May Lose Your Job After An Arrest If You Choose To Wait For Arraignment

No one ever plans on getting arrested, and when it happens, the arrest can bring calamity to your everyday routine. Your job could very well be affected by you being arrested and in jail. Take a look at some of the reasons you may lose your job if you are in jail, avoid calling a bail bonds agent for help, and choose to wait for arraignment. 

You may lose your job simply due to missing work. 

If you get arrested and wait in jail for your arraignment, which is a hearing to determine your sentence, you could be waiting for a while. This can mean quite a few days of work missed, and that is not something any employer is going to appreciate. Most places will only allow you to miss so many days of work before they will let you go. Calling a bail bonds agent could get you out of jail before you have to miss any work. 

You may lose your job specifically because you are suspected of a crime. 

In some cases, just the act of getting arrested, even though you may have not technically been charged with a crime just yet, could lead to getting fired from your job. In some states, employers can fire you for whatever reason they see fit as long as there is no discrimination against you. Therefore, if an employer learns that you have been arrested for a crime, they can choose to terminate you if they wish to do so. 

You may lose your job if you do not contact your employer. 

It is a well-known fact that if you get arrested, you are generally allowed to make one phone call until you get into general population where you can be given access to phone cards to buy and payphones. This one phone call for most people is going to be to a family member who needs to know they are in jail. Unfortunately, only being able to contact one person can leave you unable to contact your place of employment to let them know you will not be to work. Most employers have strict rules about employees who don't call in and don't show up for work, so you could lose your job just by not being able to call in. 

It is all too easy to lose a job that is important when you get arrested and go to jail. If you get arrested and are concerned about losing your job, reach out to a bail bondsman for help financially to bail you out. For more information, contact a service like American Bail Bonds